Tips to Make More Money from Adsense Websites

To make money from AdSense websites, you need to first choose a niche and work on attracting maximum traffic towards your site. You can create a new platform or pick one from established Adsense Websites that are available on sale. The chances to earn from these websites begin after you start getting high traffic on regular basis. Just take care of the following things while handling your Adsense Micro Niche site:

1. Size and Placement of ads:

How you place your ads in content makes big difference to your clicks. The biggest mistake people commit while placing an ad amid content is to ignore the sync. Try to blend your ads smartly so a reader doesn’t find them interrupting. Place ads in context of matter stated above and below it.

Also, make sure that you place it within the range of readers’ eyeballs. Expecting a click is pointless, if you have placed an ad to extreme right or extreme left as users may not look at those areas easily. Keep it 2:1 for placing ads inside and outside a blog post and follow these rectangular dimensions:

  • 336 * 280

  • 300*250

  • 728*90

  • 160*600

2. The type of Ad

The form in which an ad is placed is the second most important thing to watch for in Adsense Websites. Usually the concise text, image rich & video based ads get more clicks. The format must be chosen according to the number of ads that you want to place in content. For instance, if you want to put three ads, you can choose two text and one image based ads. The CPC (Cost per Click) for every ad is different and must be kept in mind while allocating all formats. It’s a crucial factor and contributes to money making capacity of a website.


3. Traffic source

Traffic being the biggest source of Adsense earnings, is the next important thing to focus on. You must focus on search traffic the most as that’s the major source of visitors to all websites. Study the demographics of your target audience and plan the Adsense ads accordingly. Do exhaustive keywords research to target less competitive keywords first.

4. Adsense CPC:

CPC has great role to play in the success of Adsense Websites. It’s apparently the click that brings you money but actually the monetary value of a click that plays bigger & substantial role in this matter. For instance, if your website targets U.S.A or U.K traffic you may get high CPC. With more traffic, you can earn more clicks and make more money eventually.

Google AdSense earnings are more if a U.S visitor clicks on your ads.

5. Relevant Theme

Choose right theme to own established Adsense website. Try to find themes that are designed specially to enhance AdSense earnings. AdSense-optimized templates are easily available for sale and many well-known sites with high traffic are already using them.

To make money from Adsense Website, you have to be cautious about everything from keywords research and choosing domain name. Slightest errors can result in heftiest losses.

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What to look for while you buy Google Adsense Ready Website?

To earn online you need a website that meets usability standards and has monetization ability. There are two choices to pick, custom & readymade. Custom solutions are certainly the best but since they cost too much, it’s not possible for all to invest in custom websites. The other option i.e. readymade website is an inexpensive solution but while buying it you have to make sure that your site comes equipped with essential features. Following are the factors that contribute to money making capacity of a website:

Profitable Niche

Niche marketing is the key to online success. The industry & customer segment you choose make great difference to your earnings. Selecting profitable niche makes the half battle won as you focus on a particular product or service and fixed target audience.


Content management system allows website owner to update and edit content of his/her site. Be careful while buying AdSense ready website and make sure your website provider offers you CMS based platform (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) otherwise you will have to hire a technically skilled person to update website every time you want to make content changes.


The content of your website must be SEO optimized and unique. It is the topmost requisite if you want your website to be found by target users. Websites that have poor quality or copied content have more chances of getting penalized as well as are not liked by search engine crawlers.

adsense ready website

Approved Google Adsense Account

Many turnkey solution providers tend to misguide and sell website without approved Google Adsense Account. If you look forward to monetize a website then Google Adsense is the criterion to accomplish it.

Besides this, sellers’ reputation too is an important thing to consider while buying adsense ready website. Don’t forget to check seller’s repute before you discuss your requirement.

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Adsense Websites- The Easiest Way to Earn Money From Home

Internet is an effective medium to earn extra income. From students to working professionals, everyone is looking for ways to earn additional money from home with small investment. To help such internet entrepreneurs make money online, Aquasites brings best turnkey solutions. Learn what makes Adsense websites the easiest way to start making money from home.

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